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', event: '_trackEvent', He didn't make an appearance for the big day, but was expected to send a good luck message ahead of the nuptials. Tommy Tiernan, Laurita Blewitt and Hector hEochagin, (Image: The Tommy, Hector and Laurita Podcast), Joe Biden with his cousin Laurita Blewitt. virtualPageViewData.eventData.article.wallVisible = 'true'; } }).map(function (key) { if (welcomePopUp) { }; }; const setDataLayerNonMeteredFlow = function (accessObject) { They met through football, Laurita says, and . window.dataLayer.push(ecommerceTransactionEvent); The former All-Ireland winning Derry footballer and barrister wed radio host Ms Blewitt - a cousin of . if (eventType === 'new_card_created' && isUpgrades) { fpblock.classList.add('fp-prevent-html-replace'); if (accessObject.access === true) { return price.placeholder_prices; fontSmoothing: 'antialiased', }; premium_content_redirect_url = ''; label = 41894270 setTimeout(function () { A massive congratulations is in order as Joe Brolly has married his long-time love Laurita Blewitt. } }); } virtualPageViewData.eventData.user.wallType = 'none'; } } else { userHasLoggedIn = true; listenForGigyaEvents(); } Holly Willoughby's new eyeliner is far prettier than boring black, This is the hottest lip gloss in the world right now and social media is obsessed, PICS: Dolce & Gabbana's Kim Kardashian 2.0 show at Milan Fashion Week, Amy Nuttall 'crushed' by marriage split with Andrew Buchan but saw it coming, Anna Geary says pregnancy has become 'very real' as she shares sweet throwback snaps, Kate Ferdinands gender reveal descends into 'pure carnage', Casting News: Everything we know about the upcoming Mean Girls the Musical movie. if (vars.article) { window.showNonSubscriberElements) { Nonetheless, he has not shared many particulars about his first wife and kids. if (! productClickSource = window.shopFrontHeaderSubscribe ? showPremiumBadge(node); const cookieData = updateSubscriberCookie(event.detail.object); } Joe Brolly was born in Dungiven, Londonderry, on June 25, 1969. Laura Blewitt. if (event.detail.object.hasOwnProperty('google_showcase_requested')) { } document.querySelectorAll('[data-social-embed][data-social-network="facebook"],[data-social-embed][data-social-network="facebookVideo"],[data-social-embed][data-social-network="twitter"],[data-social-embed][data-social-network="twitterVideo"]').forEach(function (socialEmbed) { } return allPrices.concat(item); name:, However, the pair have not revealed where or how they first met. document.head.append(leafletScript); }; const isShopFront = false; if (accessObject.access === true && accessObject.hasOwnProperty('granted_by_purchase')) { flipPayConfig = Object.assign(flipPayConfig, { Friend of the couple Fr Liam McClarey is believed to have officiated at the ceremony - with guests moving to a party at the bride's home parish of Knockmore GAA club, where a special marquee had been set up. if (eventType === 'purchasing') { const domain = ''; document.getElementById('flip-pay').classList.remove('fp-prevent-html-replace'); As always you can unsubscribe at any time. Joe and Laurita, who is a well-known podcaster and cousin of US President Joe Biden, got engaged last year. return product; flipPayConfig = Object.assign(flipPayConfig, { document.getElementById('welcome_popup_wrapper').style.display = "block"; eventLabel = 'saturday'; Join Tommy Tiernan, his school pal Hector O'hEeochagain and Mayo woman Laurita Blewitt as they sit around the table in a shed at the bottom of a garden in the West of Ireland and just chat. window.dataLayer.push({ if (window.gigya && window.gigya.accounts) { window.dataLayer[0].user.subscriptionStatus = 'gs_false'; return '' }); return; Or by navigating to the user icon in the top right. eventLabel = 'sunday'; Nicole Glennon. } } } else if (isUpgrades) { eventTimeout: 2000, subscriptionStartDate: '', } return { if (window.Didomi && window.Didomi.getUserConsentStatusForPurpose('cookies') === true) { label: 'login', } } if ( === 'template-prices-login-button') { document.body.addEventListener('fp_user_event', function (event) { successful_upgrade_redirect_url = ''; Joe Brolly has married his long-term love Laurita Blewitt in a gorgeous Mayo wedding. document.cookie = 'subscriptionwall_meter_stats=' + meterStatsCookieData + ';path=/;domain=' + cookieDomain + ';max-age='+oneMonthInSeconds; const cookieExpiryInSeconds = 60 * 60 * 24 * 30; GAA pundit Joe Brolly tied the knot with his long-term partner Laurita Blewitt this weekend. }); var nowTimeStamp =; if ( === 'fp-tog-anch-2') { Laurita made the revelation on the latest episode of The Tommy,. subscriptionFinishDate: '', eventCallback: function () { eventAction: 'hd_options_click', } She went on to take up a role as producer on i102-104FM's The Tommy and Hector Show and Breakfast with Bernard and Keith from 2007 until 2011. let badgeToFilterBy = 'article'; For many of us we wouldn't see most of our cousins from one year to the next but not the Blewitt family! priceholder.addEventListener('click', function () { Nicole Glennon Laurita Blewitt has revealed that she and new husband Joe Brolly were propositioned by a swinger on their honeymoon. } For Laurita, who is one third of the successful Tommy, Hector and Laurita podcast, is a proud Mayo woman while Brolly is a dyed in the wool Derry man. }); The THL podcast. Unfortunately, the President, who is recently recovered from Covid, didn't managed to make the nuptials in person. Unpredictable and funny, carefree and intimate. localStorage.setItem('product_click_source', productClickSource); Laurita Blewitt. }, 1000); if (addToCartFiredAfterRegistration === false) { element.classList.add('fp-prevent-html-replace'); if (Object.keys(event.detail.object.badge || {}).indexOf('home-delivery') > -1) { Trying to find Ireland's best burger or best pizza? showOrderSummary(node, previouslySelectedPriceId); } const bundleContainer = document.querySelector('.n-plans1'); const showUpgradeButton = false; if (window.location.href.indexOf("#annual") > -1) { color: 'var(--c_d3t)', eventAction: 'auth', })[0]; }); } annual: tabPrefix + '-annual-prices-tab-trigger' return 'article_' + dataLayer[0].category.primaryCategory; eventAction: 'auth', script.async = true; } if (typeof prices[key]['active_to'] != "undefined") { His chat show is great stuff too. } Una is known to be an avid fitness lover and her hard work and dedication is seriously paying off, Paul Mescal's mum Dearbhla will attend the Oscars as she gives positive cancer update, Paul's mum Dearbhla has opened up on how life has changed for the Mescal family since he became an over night star following his role in the hit TV show Normal People, Warning to anyone with summer holidays booked for Spain and Portugal as countries crack down on tourists, Portugal and Spain are among two popular holiday destinations introducing stricter rules to reduce the amount of tourists entering the areas every summer. } premium_content_redirect_url: decodeURIComponent(returnURL), } else { return; window.dataLayer = window.dataLayer || []; BenFeakle The Tommy and Hector Podcast with Laurita Blewitt. const tweetId = parseTweetIdFromUrl(tweetUrl); return Object.keys(bundle.badges).includes(badgeToUse);

', const isCoupons = false; tab.onclick = function () { Podcaster Laurita Blewitt has told how she and new husband Joe Brolly were outrageously propositioned by a swinger on their honeymoon. function getPriceSelected(priceID) { } : [selectedPrice] return; window.location.href = flipPayConfig.premium_content_redirect_url; ecommerceTransactionEvent.metered_paywall = { allow_upgrades: false, window.location.href = subscribeLink.href; Laurita Blewitt. wallType: window.dataLayer[0].article.wallType, }; if(priceholder.dataset.contract_periods !== null && priceholder.dataset.contract_periods !== '' && priceholder.dataset.contract_periods == 12) { } Photo: Peter Morrison, Ill bet Galway wish they could play the game all over again because you dont build a display case for losers medals, Liverpool legend Steven Gerrard pictured posing with junior associate of Kinahan crime group, Kilkenny stabbing victim is named locally, while man well-known to him remains in garda custody, Coveted tech workers still offered 15pc pay hikes despite slowdown in sector, Venus and Jupiter to outshine all the stars in the sky over Ireland this week after Northern Lights spectacular, Student (21) in court accused of causing girlfriends death by dangerous driving, Google admits it was wrong to approve right to be forgotten request relating to press coverage of jailed Dublin brothel keeper, Ploughing queen Annie Mae McHugh visits for Cork County Final, Despite a double dose of constructive ambiguity, the Norths unionist community remains doubtful, IBA silent on funding of 2.2million prize money at womens World Boxing Championships, US President Joe Biden proclaims March Irish-American Heritage Month, Tottenham dumped out of FA Cup as Sheffield United take on Blackburn in last eight, Liverpool get back to winning ways with Premier League victory over Wolves, Government may take further action against energy companies if price cuts not passed on to households, TDs hear, Paul Mescals mother to attend Oscars as she describes familys crazy ride over last three years, Manchester United overturn West Ham lead to set up FA Cup quarter-final clash with Fulham, Burnley leave it late to break Fleetwood hearts in FA Cup, Shocking near-miss between train and red-light-running moped, Flames tear through roof of Wexford General Hospital, Blaze breaks out at Wexford General Hospital, Gary Gannon in hysterics after primary school student calls him ginger. let bundleExpires = []; actionField: { card_expiry_style: stripeInputStyle, if (eventType === 'purchase_failed') { selectedPrice = getBundleById(priceIdFromUrl); } else if (Object.keys(p.badge || {}).indexOf('epaper-access') > -1) { Pete Taylor breaks silence on Katies fight derailment and praises Conor McGregor for 'helping another champion', Exclusive: Katie's dad is adamant his daughter will fight at Dublin's 3Arena in May, Graeme McDowell LIV prize money dwarfs Shane Lowry's Honda Classic payout. } else if (accessObject.access === false) { event: 'ee-productImpression', Laurita looked stunning in a white gown with lace sleeves and delicate hairband, while Joe was dapper in a black three-piece suit with orange tie. As always you can unsubscribe at any time. var p_tag = document.createElement("p"); shopfront_url: '', if (subscriberCookieStatus === "undefined") { template_summary_price: '


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